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Easy UI Elements

These are simple pixelart button sprites for Keyboard, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Pro, Nintendo Switch JoyCons, and Dualshock 4 controller inputs. It includes .png format image files of both sprite strips, as well as individual sprites for each button, so users can import them into their projects whichever way they find easiest. Additionally, Aseprite files for all buttons are included for editing purposes.

This is an easy way to get control prompts into a game without having to spend time crafting different ones for each individual button across several controller types.


  • Miscellaneous Controller Buttons = ~32x32px
  • Controller Face Buttons = 20x20px (32x32px canvas)
  • Controller Face Button Array
    • All 4 face buttons in 1 image
    • Includes versions with each button individually highlighted
    • Includes version with no highlighted button
    • 52x52px (64x64px canvas)
  • Standard Keyboard Keys = 28x27px (32x32px canvas)
  • Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Tab, Enter Keyboard Keys = 44x27px (48x32px canvas)
  • Spacebar Key = 60x27px (64x32px canvas)
  • Blank Keyboard Keys
    • 28x27px (32x32px canvas)
    • 44x27px canvas(48x32px canvas)
    • 60x27px (64x32px canvas)
  • Special Inputs
    • Specific sizes for all included images can be found in the "Dimensions.txt" file found in each controller type's folder
    • Dualshock 4 touchpad inputs
    • Controller Face Button Array with text box & button highlights
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AuthorKnight and Ninja Games
Tags16-bit, Asset Pack, Controller, gamepad, Pixel Art, Sprites, User Interface (UI)
InputsGamepad (any)


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Really good Asset! But it seems that there is no UI for mouse click?

Hey, glad you like it. I added new mouse images in the latest update on 26 April 2022. If you're already an owner, make sure to download the new version.

Hi there, the LS/RS labels on the Nintendo Switch is not allowed per the Nintendo guidelines. Does that stick icon also come unlabelled? 

Thanks for the question, Lance. I was unaware of the Nintendo guidelines, but I will make a version including unlabelled thumbsticks available in the next hour or so.


Unlabelled stick icons for all controllers have been added in the newest update to this asset pack. If you are already an owner, be sure to download the latest version of the assets.

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Love the update!  Thanks so much :)  it's very cool


I'm glad you like it! You're very welcome, and thanks for the great suggestion.


Hello.  I just bought this, it's really nice!  

You should put an XboX controller background on there, so we can layer the buttons over it.


Hey thanks, I'm glad you like it! That's a great idea, and I'll get to work on it this weekend. Keep your eyes open for an update soon.

Will be looking forward to it!  Thanks.